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As a Reflector, Lyssandra knows there are more supernaturals than her and her small circle of family and friends. As a lab tech at BioTech ChemLabs, the largest bio-engineering company in the area, she has met and worked with every kind of supernatural. Or so she thought.


When Lyssi comes home from work to find her best friend and roommate kidnapped, she learns what she thought is not what it seems. Her best friend Mila kept secrets, endangering them all. BTCL is not the company she thought it to be.


‘Work, eat, sleep, repeat’ will no longer be her life mantra as she and her friends fight to uncover the truth. With an angry vampire, hired shifters, and other supernaturals trying to stop them, searching for the truth could kill them all.​




The people of Coverton are still coming up missing and Selby’s sister was one person too many. She has the mystery of the rest of her family’s death to solve, too. She’s dedicated to one thing and one thing only. Family.

She found allies reaching for a similar goal. That’s all. She doesn’t have time for friendship and love. The people she has on her side doesn’t understand it’s just business. The shifter who has his eyes on her doesn’t seem to get it.

Who has time for friends and romance when there’s an angry vampire to track, a nefarious company to shut down, and possible murders to solve?


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Penned Con

Penned Con is where you get to meet many of your favorite authors from all over the world in one location.


The author list provided is subject to change and will be updated as soon as I receive the announcement.


For information about the event, please follow the link below the image.

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